Friday, 27 March 2015

The Charged Water System Working

This is one of the charged Water Systems working. you can observe the gas being generated in the Electrolizer then passing through the water bubbler. This scrubbing or cleaning of the gas removes any small metalic particles from the electrolizer, then passes into the drinking water monatizing the oxygen molecules and raising the ph level. The PH levels have been raised from approx 7.2 to over 8 as seen on the test strip.
I have the air pump on a sponge to silence the vibration, a personal choice, not part of the kit.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Detox Your Body The Easy way

The particular oxygen configuration (monotomic) in our drinking water is able to quickly reach all organs and tissues and help purge the digestive tract of harmful bacteria. The smaller restructured oxygen atoms are electron thieves, able to roam the body selectively, stealing positive electrons from harmful bacteria, killing (oxidizing) them and aiding in cellular metabolism.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Good healthy water to aid weight loss and improve your skin

Drinking healthy alkaline antioxidant water has many benefits. If you are overweight it can be a great asset to aid natural weight loss. Excess weight is regarded as an ‘acid’ problem and as you alkalise the body you will neutralise excess acidity with a consequent loss of excess fat. It can also help to improve skin quality. Free radical activity can accelerate the aging of skin and the antioxidant effect of good water will help to neutralise free radicals. It will help to promote better skin from inside out. It will also help to improve immunity and increase energy levels.
Drinking tea, coffee and soft drinks are no substitute for good water. In fact most of them have an acidifying effect on the body. You should drink a couple of  liters of healthy water a day. When you do you will see the difference and people will begin to notice the difference.

Why Drinking Charged Water Increases Energy Levels

Electrolyzed water molecules are absorbed by the body six times faster than ordinary tap water. In addition, they are reduced in size (from diatomic to monatomic) by more than fifty percent. Smaller hydrogen and oxygen atoms (HHO) have a greater ability to penetrate cell membranes, enhancing tissue repair and waste removal. Adequate hydration - drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water daily - is simplified because you can drink the water anytime for up to five days after charging. The results you get are related directly to the volume of water consumed. With charged water you are increasing the body's hydration.

How Rotax Builds Aircraft Engines


Just thought all you mechanics out there may find this video interesting, especially if you are a fan of the Leisure Toys for Boys.

Friday, 23 January 2015

I feel like an old Bear

It has been so long since I have writer about anything I think I must have been hibernating. The C.W.S. [ charged water systems ] are going o.k. and I am getting some good feed back from the customers. However trying to get that in writing is proving a little harder though.

The old rover has now been sold with the hydrogen generator in tact, so the new owner is now experiencing the pleasure of extra mileage with`the old girl.`
The next project is to fit a dry cell unit to my Pug 406 estate, I read one blog where a guy is getting 72 m.p.g. from a 2 ltr. diesel. If I can achieve that I will be a `happy  bunny` roll on the DRY weather to get started.

Wet Cell Versus Dry Cell

The HHO kit fitted to my old rover was a Wet Cell, well two Wet Cells actually. However to try and fit a Dry Cell requires a little more space under the hood and the header tank needs to be higher than the Cell, as the gas rises, of course !!
Then you need to find a space for the filter between the header and the input venturi which needs to be as close to the engine as possible.

Gas supply venturi fitted prior to turbo, if fitted after, the turbo pressure will force gas back into the system, unless one way valve fitted in supply line. The gas needs to be sucked into the engine on idle and before the turbo.

I made a wooden cage to house the two wet cells. however need to be accessible in order to top up and clean approx @ 10000 miles.

A 30-50 amp in line fuse will protect the system.

A Pulse Width
  Modulator will regulate the amp supply, too high will get more gas however it may run hot, too low no or very little gas to benefit from reaching the engine.

Notice the  amp meter and isolator switch in the cabin, the system requires approx 1.8 amps to start producing the gas, I ran mine at approx 12-15 amps.

As stated previously my diesel consumption before was 34-36 local and 42-44 on a run. After fitting HHO generator 42-44 local and 48-50 on a run. Not bad for an old engine 2.5 ltr. with 180k on clock and improved power as the engine was de-carbonised with the gas burning hotter and faster.